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The library's collection is varied with an emphasis on books about Maine or by Maine authors. There are  many mystery titles. We have a large selection of children's and young adult books, fiction and non-fiction. The library has 12 public computers, of the 12,  10 are public access computers with educational, word processing and reference  software and access to the Internet. 2 are public access computers with children's programs.  Access to the card catalog is online.

The library is small, informal, and friendly and the community is encouraged to use it. There are
several ongoing programs: a summer reading program for children, and a story hour for children every
second and fourth Thursday morning beginning at 10:30 A.M.   From October to May, an adult reading program is frequently offered. 

The Collection

     New Sharon has had a library for over 150 years and has been the beneficiary of great generosity in terms of building a fine book collection.  Now that the library is in the new building, there is an opportunity to show the collection off to advantage.

     We have a room (the Swan Room) devoted entirely to books by Maine authors and about Maine.  In this room, we have books about Maine’s role in the Civil War, local history, town histories, genealogical records, and books dealing with unique aspects of life in Maine.

     Another room shelves adult fiction.  Books in here range from new best sellers to classics, to romance, and science fiction.  We have a good collection of westerns with emphasis on Louis L’Amour.   The Maine State Library sends fresh groups of large print books every few weeks.  Many of our patrons enjoy the ease of reading these books.  Each of the rooms has a table and comfortable chair so patrons can relax while reading.

     In a large, pleasant room is housed the reference collection which encompasses 9 non-fiction shelf units, biographies, and 4 computers.  These are for use of the public with free Internet access.  The computers have software programs ranging from children’s reading programs  to big print to genealogical research to Microsoft Office.

     Due to high patron interest, we have a large mystery collection.

     Finally, there is a large room  with books for children, pre-teens and teenagers. This collection is large and varied.   We have picture books, early readers, fiction, and an extensive collection of Usborne non-fiction.  

      The library also offers a collection of American Heritage from 1954 to 1999. These magazines were a favorite of Mr. Ditzler's and we are pleased to have them in our library.


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